The more you sit with God’s word, the more you get His nature because God’s nature is in His word. When you are drunk with God’s word, no challenge on earth can move you. You need to be addicted to God’s word because the more word you take in, the more of God’s nature you manifest.

Our mission

– To build an out-going ministry that is dynamic in worship and vibrant in witness.
– To raise a congregation that is spiritually responsible and socially responsive and relevant.​

Therefore, in touch with God ministry is in touch with God and His word that takes care of life issues, it guarantees all round  victory and profitable living.

we are on a mission

remain blessed and rapturable

a mission powered by a vision to enrich souls for christ and his kingdom

True and enriching life and spiritual growth is just a touch with god away.

The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it:

Psalm 68 vs 11

a life without christ is a life full of crisis

- Bishop E. O. Ikeakor